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Are you wishing for the ultimate neck & shoulder pain relief?

Well here you have it.. 

Introducing Australia's #1 Multifunctional Cervical Traction Device - NeuroTrax!

This device has been helping thousands of people around the world eliminate their neck & back pain, we are so proud to be able to share this with you here in Australia. 

Whether your pain is caused by heavy lifting, strenuous work, bad sleeping posture, using modern technology, strain on your body or just poor posture, our Neck Restoration Device will 100% alleviate your pain AND realign your spine. 

Sound too good to be true? It's NOT!

We are so confident that you'll LOVE the NeuroTrax, that we offer a 30 day money back guarentee. If you don't love it, we will refund you!

What is NeuroTrax?

Cervical Traction is an effective therapy for neck, shoulder, and back pain, providing relief and comfort - Guaranteed! 

Our device is an automatic neck traction device that utilises multiple techniques to provide maximum neck, shoulder, and back pain relief.

Packed with many features, such as adjustable heat therapy, electrotherapy, and multifunction air traction (stretching), this combination of techniques allows for enhanced relief from pain.

Another great benefit of NeuroTrax is that it works to reduce spinal pressure while simultaneously easing neck bone tension. It also loosens stiff muscles, eliminates chronic pain, and assists in disc realignment.


How does NeuroTrax work?

NeuroTrax has FOUR amazing functions

  1. Dynamic Neck Traction 
  2. Electric Pulse Therapy 
  3. Adjustable Heat Therapy
  4. Auto Modulating Technology

NeuroTrax Creates expansion therapy between your head and neck, which separates the vertebrae relieving pressure between discs. It also works to Stretch the surrounding muscles and joints, providing relief from any pain and tightness. 

NeuroTrax Temperature function works to improve blood circulation, accelerating blood flow through your spine and up to your brain. 

The heat generated by your NeuroTrax will target your pain points and Stimulate your joints and muscles, allowing them to relax and go back to their original form while relieving any pain and discomfort. 

Neurotrax helps to eliminate poor posture issues, such as dowager's hump or kyphosis, as well as a forward head posture that a lot of people today suffer from!

100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE & NON- INVASIVE + ZERO Pain Killers Needed! 

Our intelligent Innovative device is designed with your greatest comfort in mind, to effectively stretch and realign your neck, shoulders, back, and spine.

With Medically proven therapy and technology, our device is designed to be used in the comfort of your own home, saving you thousands of dollars in medical, Chiropractic, and Physiotherapy Care. It truly is life-changing, to say the least!


✔️ Helps to Correct Forward Head Posture 

✔️ Restores the Natural Curvature of the neck

✔️ Helps Treat Bulging or Herniated Disks

✔️ Great for Pinched Nerves 

✔️ Eliminates Aches and Pains 

✔️ Saves you Time & Thousands of Dollars in Medical Expenses

✔️ Works to avoid Serious Treatment such as Surgery & Hospitalisation

✔️ Safest way to Stretch your Neck 

✔️ Comfortable and Effortless 

✔️ Portable & Medically Proven Therapy 

✔️ Recommended By Health Professionals

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