Pain Relief Therapy started because the founder had suffered from chronic neck and back pain for a very long time. Unable to find constant relief other than painkillers and expensive medical appointments she decided to embark on a journey to find the best products she could find to eliminate her symptoms. After further investigation, she quickly came to find that a lot of adults also suffered the same symptoms. Headaches, a stiff neck, poor sleep, tight shoulders, poor posture and so forth.

Along the journey she sourced a lot of information that was mind blowing. Did you know that neck, back and shoulder pain could mean nerve damage, poor muscle tone, arthritis, fracture or infection… the list goes on!

What was also found in the investigation, is that people are being forced to attend many expensive physiotherapy and Chiropractic sessions, costing them over 20+ hours of their precious time and $1000’s of their hard earned cash. The worst thing is that for most people these sessions don’t become long term solutions and unless you can afford weekly appointments they are forced to learn to live with the pain. This is when our founder decided to make it her goal, to find an alternative to this excruciating way of life.

The goal of our company is to provide Australians easy and affordable products so that Australians can put more focus into what’s really important to them, and not the pain that is affecting them physically, mentally and socially. Our products are designed to eliminate pain in the comfort of your own home and even while you sleep. All of our products are compact and portable which means you can use them anywhere, anytime!

Best prices Australia wide
Best possible quality
Fast & Free Delivery
100% Money Back Guaranteed
Founders & a team that actually care about you and the pain you are in.

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