Yoga Trainer

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Have you always wanted to do a headstand but could never build up strength and mobility?

OR have you never felt safe or confident?

We have the perfect solution for you… 

Introducing our ALL NEW Yoga Trainer!

This Yoga Trainer is an amazing tool to give you the confidence to help you achieve your yoga goals!

Benefits Of Using A Yoga Trainer

✔️ Practice inversions without pressure on your head or neck
✔️ Create confidence and freedom in your yoga practice
✔️ Find proper alignment in every pose
✔️ Master challenging asanas with ease
✔️ Build strength and increase flexibility while having fun
✔️ Add countless new exercises to your fitness routine

✅ Yoga Improves Strength, Balance & Flexibility.
✅ Yoga Increases Blood Flow
✅ Yoga Helps With Back Pain Relief.
✅ Yoga Can Ease Arthritis Symptoms.
✅ Yoga Benefits Heart Health.
✅ Yoga Relaxes You, To Help You Sleep Better.
✅ Yoga Can Mean More Energy & Brighter Moods.
✅ Yoga Helps You Manage Stress.
✅ Yoga Connects You With a Supportive Community.
✅ Yoga Promotes Better Self-Care.

Numerous studies show yoga’s benefits in arthritis, osteopenia, balance issues, oncology, women’s health, chronic pain and other specialties.


Our Amazing Yoga Trainer can be used in the comfort of your own home or it can be taken along with you to the gym or exercise classes. It can also be used for various exercises and positions.

✅ Push Ups
✅ Core Work
✅ Inversions
✅ Yoga Handstands
✅ Waist Exercises
✅ Leg Exercises
✅ Hip Exercises
✅ Tricep Dips
✅ Many, Many More To Explore


Weight: 6kg

Load-bearing: 150kg

Material: Oak+PU

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